20. March 2013 15:13
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 1.0.4 Wandering Nasties

20. March 2013 15:13 by Antonio Teyken | 0 Comments

This week I have spent my time optimizing the server and the launcher, but I also had the time to implement a new feature : Wandering Monsters!

The wandering monsters are champions that spawn out of instances and start wandering the world looking for fights and treasure. Such monsters may be found fighting each other in the wild or even raiding instances, much like players. In the future I aim to let them gain levels and items but for now they are a ways to make the world more alive and add a bit of danger to travelling the world.

This weeks class pick is:

Assassin - Agent archetype

The assassin is a slippery class adept at dealing very high single target burst damage. They are extremely good at going into the enemy back line and killing of a healer or mage.

Mindspike - Assassin subtype

Mindspikes are even more elusive than regular assassins and are very skilled at taking on armored targets due to their high armor penetration. They do not have the same damage potential and but makes up for that by being able to create illusions to tie up their enemies.

Shadowblade - Assassin subtype

Shadowblades are specialists even among assassins, they deal even heavier bursts than regular assassins and are able to dash through the shadows to reach their target. They do suffer from longer cooldowns both on their damage abilities and their escapes.

This is all for this week,

May Callysta smile on you!

13. March 2013 13:42
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 1.0.3 - Portals

13. March 2013 13:42 by Antonio Teyken | 3 Comments

In this patch I have focused on balancing XP and gold rewards as some of the rewards where a bit over the top after the price reductions in the last patch. I have decided that everyone should be able to choose their hat! Hats no longer provides any bonuses but are strictly cosmetic to balance that, all armor has had stats improved and price increased.

There's also a new referral system, each player can now have one beneficiary that gains bonuses when ever the player completes and upgrade. If you already have an account you can set your referrer by typing /srf x in the chat where x is the email of the referrer.

The new portal town upgrade allows players to travel instantaneously between two allied cities that both have a portal. There is a small fee for each such travel but this should greatly improve the utility of being in the same faction. The new faction screen also allows you to see a list of all the other players in your faction as well as identify the faction leader. This makes it a lot easier to identify and find fellow players.

This week the class spotlight is going to be,

Archer - Agent Archetype

The Archer is more mobile than the sage and is more durable but has slightly less damage, control and area of effect abilities. This makes archers suited for single target enemies and solo play.

Seeker - Archer subclass

Seekers are divine hunters of Orans holy army, they excel in hunting down heretics and marking them for execution. Seekers deal slightly more damage than the base archer and inflicts a debuff on his quarry that increases damage taken from all sources, making the archer suited for group play.

Wild Runner - Archer subclass

Wild Runners are rangers who follow the Teachings of Ianna, the great mother, sworn to protect life. They can summon wild beasts to aid them and have a few healing abilities that makes them very well suited for solo play. Their damage is slightly lower than the base archer but they can inflict snares that enables them to kite quite well.

That is all for this week, good hunting!

5. March 2013 16:34
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 1.0.2 - Rise of the Magi

5. March 2013 16:34 by Antonio Teyken | 5 Comments

This week I have been focusing mostly on balancing the archetypes, I wrote a tool to do some data mining and discovered that sages where having a lot harder time than intended. So far I have been trying to make gear for the sages to alleviate this but it turns out that their damage multipliers where just a lot lower pr level than intended, that meant that while one-shot'ing most things at lower levels, they would struggle greatly at higher levels and be rendered all but obsolete by around level 12.

Sages now have greater base stats and better multipliers on their abilities.

I also implemented a zoom function for the world map, this should make it a lot easier to find your way, unfortunately since I am using pixel art for the game, not all scaling is as eye-pleasing as I would like but I feel that the usefulness  outweighs the tearing.

I also implemented quite a few new trinket too to discover as most of them are unlocked by sub-classing and the mages have new hats! yes, this has indeed been a Sage love patch.

To continue my class descriptions here comes:

The Veteran - Soldier Archetype

 Though as nails, veterans of a hundred campaigns, these guys are tougher than any other Champion type in the game, tanking is their game and while packing less damage than other classes, these guys can certainly outlast almost anything.

Honorbound - Veteran Subclass

 Bound by oath to protect their contracts, these Oran worshiping bodyguards takes toughness to whole new levels, they can withstand hellish amounts of damage and can even become invincible for short periods of time. They have very low damage output compared to other classes but are so tough that they have even been known to get up and seemingly shrug off even mortal wounds.

Warden - Veteran Subclass

 These defenders of nature are still tanking but has lower mitigation than a base veteran, they instead have self heals and a bit higher damage. This should make them very well suited for solo play while still very tough, perfect for tanking in groups with no healer or as an off tank.

That is it from me this week - remember to follow me on twitter (@AntonioTeyken) for thoughts and comments and enjoy yourself in Realmstone!

26. February 2013 16:49
by Antonio Teyken

Version 1.0.1

26. February 2013 16:49 by Antonio Teyken | 2 Comments

It's a BUG!

Like a lot of other games the first week out of beta revealed a lot of unbalances but luckily most where small and of little consequence. The only bad one was nigh invulnerable bosses in level 2 instances.. OK, so that's pretty bad, but easy to fix. Luckily my community has been very helpful and eager to help me identify the bugs and imbalances. The patch today included a lot of minor quality improvements such as NPC's not spamming the chat window and mounts not running away if you fall unconscious. Read list here

The class pick this week is the Vanguard - Soldier Archetype

The Vanguard is a front line leader that is powered by an assortment of shouts that increase defense, attack or even heal allies. The Vanguard has access to soldier equipment and has high strength making Vanguards a very diverse class depending on what you equip him with. He does have lower consistent healing than clerics and no single target heals, but groups of Vanguards have a very strong synergy if they stagger their shouts.

Battlemind - Vanguard sub tree

The Battlemind is a highly self sustaining tank with high mobility, Battleminds eschew group healing and buffing for self healing and improved mobility. They are very good at getting behind enemy lines and taking out high priority target if they can build up enough energy to do so, they also have very high armor penetration enabling them to deal flat damage to most targets.

Templar - Vanguard sub tree

The Templar is more focused on defending and healing than the base Vanguard but lacks the buffing power. Templars are designed to be an alternative to Vanguard solo play since the Vanguard can feel very weak for solo play when compared to other soldier types.

The new patch is already live,


19. February 2013 11:11
by Antonio Teyken

Version 1.0.0 - Feature complete

19. February 2013 11:11 by Antonio Teyken | 4 Comments

For a long time I have been working on improving the ability implementation tool and now it has paid off. In the last three weeks I have implemented 286 new perks,spells and abilities using the new system. The talent trees have always been a mayor milestone for me and now that it is done the game as I visualized it almost two years ago is now feature complete and I will now focus on fine tuning the mechanics.

I have decided that for the next few weeks I will go through the classes one by one and go through their mechanics to give you an idea of what roles and niches the different classes are meant to fill, this should also make it easier for players to suggest tweaks and changes based on how the classes actually feels playing.

Berserker - Soldier Archetype

The Berserker was the second class to be implemented and has gone through a lot of changes, but his main mechanics are still intact, he is a damage dealer with quite good self healing abilities and able to brute force encounters that would require quite a bit of dodging and weaving by most other classes. He has a long cool down on his self healing abilities and survival abilities however and can fall off a bit in group play due to his lack of team play abilities and his cool downs. His damage is quite high so he should still be able to serve as an excellent front liner in group play.

The Reaver - Berserker sub tree

The Reaver expands on the Berserkers self sustaining theme. He gets passive life steal and eschews mobility for sustain, the Reaver is half tank and half damage dealer and a very strong bruiser but falls of a bit when compared to pure damage dealers.

The Battlesworn - Berserker sub tree

Battlesworn are warriors who have pledged to Aden - The God of War - to excel on the battle field, they attack with reckless abandon and replace the Berserkers sustain ability with abilities that increase their damage further - at times at the cost of their own health. Battlesworn can deal very damage to small clumped up groups but have much lower sustain. They have good synergy with clerics and are viable pure damage dealers in group play. - Happy Killing.

1. February 2013 12:42
by Antonio Teyken

0.1.62 Bring forth your smiting hammer

1. February 2013 12:42 by Antonio Teyken | 2 Comments

In this weeks installment several lines have been completed, I am still optimizing the ability implementation process but it is already a lot faster than it used to be. The following lines have been completed this week:

Cleric of Aden - Strength

Strength focuses on increasing melee damage, mostly for the cleric but also for his allies.

Cleric of Aden - Honor

Honor focuses on negating and reducing damage, both for the cleric and his allies.

Ether Mage - Gate

Gate magic enables the mage to teleport and summon creatures from the ether.

Ether Mage - Illusion

Illusion magic deals slightly less damage than many other magic types but gives a lot of utility and tools to prevent retribution.

Cleric of Callysta - Prophecy

Prophecy focuses on evasion effects both for the cleric and his allies, also has instant AoE damage.

Cleric of Callysta - True Naming

True Naming has fewer buffs than other divine magic but is focused on instant effects that harm and heal.

Cleric of Oran - Inquisition

Inquisitors are zealous followers of Oran, they eschew healing and buffs for damage.

Cleric of Oran - Warding

Warding is pure support tree that focuses on healing and reducing damage.

If everything goes as planned the remaining lines will be completed in the next couple of weeks. You can find a total list of the abilities at the bottom of the class list.

I hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy making it!

25. January 2013 15:46
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 0.1.61 - Darkness Rising

25. January 2013 15:46 by Antonio Teyken | 1 Comments

Darkness is here

Corruption and Necromancy, the two lines for the Shadow Mage has been completed and I decided to do something new, I added a perk line that enables you to play non-human Champions. Corruption line unlocks the Zombie perk for all classes enabling Zombie Champions and the Necromancy line unlocks Skeleton Champions. More Champion perks on the horizon.

Active Perk 1 options where included as well - more perk 1 actives will be added later but for its available at the end of the Cleric of Dwade Burial line. Burial still feels a bit lack luster, so expect buffs soon.

I have added a few player requested features in this patch - Certain races now use campfires to keep warm and human bandits have learned how to use bows. I will keep an eye on the forums and implement requests from the Ideas and suggestions box on a more regular basis from now on since the focusing on content tools for the last couple of weeks have paid off and made adding new content much easier for me.

 Trinkets had their visuals updated a bit on the champion screen to better reflect the type of trinket icons, this along with the champion screen tweaks is part of the constant effort to improve usability and the user experience. As always I am greatly thankful for all the user feedback - you guys are an immense help!

17. January 2013 16:39
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 0.1.60

17. January 2013 16:39 by Antonio Teyken | 4 Comments

Patch 0.1.60 is up now, this week I have been working mostly on tools and but I have still managed to wrangle up a new feature :

Trinkets! By player request

Some high level players had too many materials just lying around and I wanted to add a new way for players to spend their mats while feeling they go to good use. Trinkets work a bit like armor in that you equip them and they provide a flat buff, however trinkets are going to provide scaling bonuses at high prices, so trinkets are most effective when worn by higher level players - that way prices can be quite high without lower level game play suffering from it. The new trinket system did require a bit of screen space management so the character build screen is now a bit more content heavy.

Lightning and Stone magi felt very odd in that their main abilities changed very late in the specialization line, this has been changed by adding mouse 1 and 2 attacks very early in the lines to give the player a much earlier feel for the line. Other specializations has also received both global spells and champion abilities as I am slowly but surely filling out the specialization tree.

Shields was changed by player request to now have passive blocking, a shield will now block every x'd attack while wearing one - this was done to make shields a bit more interesting enabling defensive champions at lower levels and to balance out the big energy cap bonus from having a free offhand.

I hope you enjoy the patch :)

10. January 2013 21:16
by Antonio Teyken

Patch 0.1.59

10. January 2013 21:16 by Antonio Teyken | 2 Comments

Patch is up and with it a whole new bag!
All classes have received Perk 3 abilities adding 34 new abilities to the game ranging from summoning pets to creating magic portals to allow easy transport. Perk 3 abilities are intended to give a wider range of options to characters and a lot of them are utility spells allowing for a change in plays style.

All buffs have been streamlined to make later balance changing easier, this have caused some buff abilities to become very unbalanced and we would, as always, appreciate any reports on unbalanced abilities. If you find an ability to be unbalanced or not to be working please report your findings on the forum or directly to support@erethic.eu a well balanced game is much more fun for everybody!

I have to decided to add modding support in the new patch as well, this allows for 3rd party texture and sound packs - read the forum for further information on modding!

We hope you enjoy the new patch!